Head and shoulders massage

An extraordinary relaxing procedure. It relieves headache, rejuvenates, lifts. During the procedure head, face, neck, arms and shoulders are massaged. Head massage also helps in problems resulting from stress, for example in case of headaches, overwhelmed muscles around eyes and stiffness of neck and arms.
The skull is covered with a tiny layer of muscles which tense up when we are tense, which results in a headache and general restlessness. Through relaxation of the muscles the head massage improves brain vascularisation, reduces the feeling of discomposure and relaxes the whole body.

On the shoulders, along the spine, on the neck and face there are energy centres, which, when properly stimulated, may help improving the condition of the whole body.
The combination of rhythmic impacts may eliminate the energy blockages in meridians, even the flow of energy, cause the feeling of relief and tranqulity. This massage, often called the massage of presidents, lets us completely forget that a moment ago we spent the whole day behind a desk.

Duration of the procedure: 60 min or 120 min
Price: starting from 230 zl per hour

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