Herbal stamps massage

This massage is performed with the help of cotton stamps, including the mixture of herbs having a significant influence on the human organism. Among them are: lemon grass, curcuma, eucalyptus leaves, ginger or cinnamomum. Herbal stamps are heated before the massage in order to unleash all essential oils gathered inside and therefore they are massaged into the body.
Thanks to this procedure the skin gain unique aroma. Herbal massage, apart from the strong relaxing influence, also relieves pain and stimulates metabolism. In Thailand it is often used as ‘first aid kit’ for various illnesses. This treatment, offered by us, is preceded by oil massage, and then, on the body prepared in this way, the massager performs herbal stamps treatment. For this massage we use stamps imported from Thailand by us. This enables us to be sure of the highest quality of used stamps.

Duration of the procedure: 90 min or 120 min
Price: starting from 230 zl per hour

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