Reflexology (foot massage)

Reflexology, means the foot massage, includes, amongst others, the sole massage, the foot spine massage, the massage of toes, ankles, calves and even the areas of knees. By working on the foot reflexology zones this massage helps to detoxify the body, improves sleep and removes the feeling of ‘heavy legs’. It also beneficially influences the digestive processes, the hormone system, lymphatic glands and the central nervous system.

Reflexology consists in the proper ‘working’ on the feet points. Those points, the so-called reflexes, respond to the particular human organs. The massage and feet reflexology will help in reducing stress and the tension of nerves which are the reasons for falling ill and feeling bad, it will also improve the flow of nerve impulses, guaranteeing the health maintenance and the proper functioning of an organism. It will reduce pain, setting off the natural immune systems of the organism and it will bring a lot of positive energy and vital strength.

One of the most popular massages which you can witess in whole Thailand. Highly comforting and relaxing massage, often chosen by the customers after a long and stressful day. One of those massages which you will never get bored of and is highly addictive. Chosen by both - Gentlemen and Ladies.

Duration of the procedure: 60 min
Price: 230 zl per hour

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